Doctoral thesis

Jürgo-Sören Preden

Enhancing Situation-Awareness, Cognition and Reasoning of Ad-Hoc Network Agents, 2010

Sup. Leo Mõtus

Martins Sarkans

Synergy Development at Early Evaluation of Modularity of the Multi-Agent Production Systems, 2012

Sup. Vello Reedik, Martin Eerme

Kaia Lõun

Formation of e-Work Capability Accrued from Company’s Strategy, 2013

Sup. Jüri Riives, Tauno Otto

Henrik Herranen

Design Optimization of Smart Composite Structures with Embedded Devices, 2014

Sup. Martin Eerme, Jüri Majak

Tanel Aruväli

Wireless Real-time Monitoring of Machining Processes, 2015

Sup. Tauno Otto

Kaimo Sonk

Development of additive manufacturing based on functional requirements, 2015

Sup. Tauno Otto

Aleksei Snatkin

Development and optimisation of production monitoring system, 2016

Sup. Kristo Karjust, Jüri Majak

Igor Poljantšikov

Partners selection tool for virtual enterprise in SMEs network, 2016

Sup. Eduard Ševtšenko; Taivo Kangilaski

 Eero Väljaots

Energy efficiency evaluation method for mobile robot platform design, 2017

Sup. Raivo Sell; Rein Laaneots