Our scientific and technological research is corresponding to the European Technology Platform Manufuture pillars, which five priorities are following:

  • new, high-added-value products and services;
  • new business models,
  • new manufacturing engineering;
  • emerging manufacturing science and technologies;
  • transformation of existing RTD and educational infrastructures to support world-class manufacturing, fostering researches mobility, multidisciplinary and lifelong learning.

IMECC OÜ participates in creation of Manufuture Estonia platform.


General R&D activities:

  • Development of new manufacturing engineering concepts exploiting in integrated way the convergence of new emerging engineering and manufacturing technologies for the high value-added products and services, and adaptation the industry to the changing needs;
  • Creating conditions for sustainable knowledge-intensive production, including design, development and validation of new manufacturing paradigms responding to emerging needs and fostering the modernization of the knowledge base for Estonian engineering industry;
  • Development of generic production assets for adaptive, networked and knowledge-based production networks.