Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre

Project duration: 01.07.2009 – 31.08.2015
Project number: EU30006

Project total budget: 4 944 001,50 EUR, of which maximum grant (ERDF) 69,95%

Subprojects of IMECC 2009-2015 in the framework of TAK-I (EU30006)
  2009-2013 2013 – 2015
SDA 1 P1.1 Methods and tools for event oriented web-based manufacturing planning and supply chain management systems development (e-manufacturing) P1.1 Digital Factory Concept for Integrated Manufacturing
P1.2 Development and implementation of techniques and tools for optimal product lifecycle management (PLM) P1.2 Methods and Tools for Manufacturing of Products with High-Added-Value
SDA 2 P2.1 Development of welding technologies and automation processes for metal-working industries using welding robots P2.1 Intelligent cell automation integration with enterprise production system and novel materials
P2.2 Complex automation of assembly processes of different products
SDA 3 P3.2 Distributed on-line monitoring of manufacturing systems – applying smart dust and ad hoc networking technologies P3.2 Self-organising systems with online monitoring and diagnostics