SDA3: Design Optimization of Multifunctional Engineering Structures

An aim of the activities of SDA3 is to develop novel multifunctional structures according to the current needs and future vision of the industry partners and IMECC. The main types of multifunctional structures is structures with structural health monitoring capabilities and laminated glass structures with improved mechanical and sound attenuation properties. Due to multidisciplinary character of the research topic (mechanics, optimization, ICT, electronics, material science) cooperation with Competence Centre ELIKO and four Institutes of TUT has been foreseen. The activities of the research group are focused on mechanical engineering (structural analysis and design optimization), ICT (numerical algorithms and procedures) and numerical methods (discretization of governing equations of the structure). Design of electronic components (sensor nodes, actuators, etc) is planned in cooperation with ELIKO and Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics.


The head of the development area: Jüri Majak, Dr