Development of welding technologies and automatization processes for metal-working industries using welding robots.

Project manager: Martinš Sarkans

Methodologies for selection the parameters for technological process, jig development, welding cell selection and economic
The objective of the sub-project is to:

    • develop the methodology which enables to determine of each concrete assembly economical suitability for robot-welding
      based on analyse of the assembly technology of the products,
    • develop the methodology which defines the criterions for robot-welding technology and differentiates it from manual
      welding technology,
    • develop the design methodology for technological jigs for robot welding,
    • develop the methodology for choosing technical and technological parameters for robotised welding cell.

During these phases the common methodology can be developed which includes actions from welding process analyze to
the final robotized welding cell selection and its implementation to the production. Also this approach enables to solve robot
welding and robot technology issues together.